Life and Disability Insurance

Life & Disability, Critical Illness Insurance

As Equipment Lease and Finance Brokers we understand that protecting your assets is key to a successful business operation. Sometimes, the most important asset that is overlooked is you.

All businesses format concise budget plans in order to be assured that they run within their revenue means and it allows them to become more profitable. One piece of the equation that can be genuinely evaded is the protection on loans of the equipment that is required to operate a viable business.

Our Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance Programs can protect you, your family and your equipment assets from life’s uncertainties and misfortunes ACCIDENTS. Accidents and or Illnesses occur every second of every day. This is a matter that just cannot be avoided. 

NPC Executive Financial Consultants Equipment Finance Division will help you analyse your current position and place you and your company with the correct coverages.

NPC has partnered with the #1 Insurance Underwriter in Canada Industrial Alliance. To inquire about our Life and Disability Policies please contact us at our Head Office in Langley, British Columbia or visit our link at for an extensive view of your products and services.

It’s fast , its affordable but most of all it gives you the piece of mind that you’re covered.