Owner Operator Turnkey Management System

NPC Consulting

NPC Financial Executive Consultants, through their Equipment Finance Division has developed a five-step program to assist those who want to become Independent Lease Operators in achieving their goal. The program is designed not only to assist the Owner / Operator, but to help the contracting companies achieve a continuity which will reduce risk in turnover and save monetarily in training expenses.
The five critical steps for a potential Independent Lease Operators are as follows:

One – The Contracting Company
How does the potential Independent Lease Operator determine which employer suits his or her expectations for a career as an Equipment Operator?

Two – Type of Asset (Equipment) 
What equipment is required by the Contracting Company to fulfill the job specifications?

Three – Financing 
How will the Independent Lease Operator acquire the equipment and what is their exposure?

Four – Life and Disability Protection
What happens to me and my business if I should have an accident which prohibits me from working as an Owner Operator for an extended period?

Five – Business Consulting
How can the Owner Operator develop a proper Business Plan and ensure the success of their endeavors? How does the Owner / Operator develop a relationship with a management professional (CGA, CMA, CPA, CA) to insure his or her business is operating to its optimum performance?

Each Potential Owner / Operator is a unique entity and requires specialized assistance when setting up their business.